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10/19 - 10/21 國立東華大學校徽與校名 臺灣網際網路研討會

【專題演講6】Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network and Applications

《講題》Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network and Applications
《演講人》潘正祥 教授

《演講摘要 Abstract》

Wireless sensor networks consist of many sensor nodes that contain environmental sensing devices for movement, temperature, humidity, exhaust gas, and so on, which are distributed over an area to measure various characteristics of that region. Each sensor node also has limited wireless computational power to process and transfer the sensing live data to the base station or data collection center. Sensor node has a low level of power, and its battery power cannot be replenished. If the energy of a sensor node is exhausted, wireless sensor network leaks will appear, and failure nodes will not relay data to the other nodes during transmission processing. Thus, other sensor nodes will be increasingly burdened with transmission processing. Given these issues, energy consumption in wireless sensor networks is an important research issue. This talk will introduce some exiting algorithms for reducing the power consuming, cell loss and packet loss. How to apply the intelligent techniques for wireless sensor networks and fault node recovery algorithm are also addressed.

《個人簡介 Autobiography》

Jeng-Shyang Pan received the B. S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 1986, the M. S. degree in Communication Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan in 1988, and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, U.K. in 1996. Currently, he is the Assistant President in Fujian University of Technology and the Doctoral Advisor in the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School. He has published more than 500 papers in which 200 papers are indexed by SCI. He is the IET Fellow, UK and has been the Vice Chair of IEEE Tainan Section. He was Awarded Gold Prize in the International Micro Mechanisms Contest held in Tokyo, Japan in 2010. He was offered Thousand Talents Program in China in 2010. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing. His current research interests include soft computing, robot vision and big data processing.

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